Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's get started on the whole guide deal with swagbucks is a search engine (powered by Google)  that randomly awards searchers with between 1-1000 Swag Bucks. On an average day, you get about 30 SB from searches.

Now, that might not seem much..but when a 5$ Amazon gift card (3 per month max) is only 450 Swag Bucks (let's call the SB from now on), you're looking at just doing casual searches and getting 10$ a month, minimum.

But wait! there's more ways to get SB!

Swag Codes: You can watch the Blog, Facebook Wall, and Twitter Feed for Swag Codes, which give you anywhere from 3-50 or more extra Swag Bucks. (They also sometimes pop up on the SwagBucks Toolbar and in the monthly newsletter).

Refer Friends: You can get friends to sign up using your referral code. Send them an email using the "Promote" page or put a banner on your blog. When they earn Swag Bucks from searching (only), you get them, too. Up to the first 900SB(I believe). So get one friend who searches regularly, and your daily take goes up to 60SB. That's more than 3 Amazon giftcards, or about $15, a month. They're good to save up and buy stuff with, and they last for 2 years!

If you haven't considered it, please sign up under my referral link                    

Trade Ins: You can trade in unwanted cell phones, i Pods, or video games for Swag Bucks.

Special Offers are a great way to earn a bunch of swag bucks fast! They usually involve using your email and signing up for email notices and such, or taking a survey. You can get anywhere from 5-500 swag bucks from these and it's a fantastic way to earn a lot of SB fast! Different ones include insurance, cars quotes, hotel reviews, refinancing, mortgages, and even travel insurance!

Doing all this can easily get you a good 15 dollars or more! be sure to check it out